I’ve discovered fly tipping in the woods, what can I do?

Please note the exact location and take a picture if possible. Then report it to Norwich City Council via this form. Needles can be reported via the same form but if you find them after 4pm on Monday to Friday, over the weekend, on a bank holiday or public holiday, please call 01603 412180.

There’s a tree blocking the path/ I’ve spotted a dangerous fallen tree.

Please report this to Norwich City council via this form.

There are motorbikes using the woods – is this allowed?

No, this is illegal. Please report it to the police. It is helpful if you can include as many details as possible such as the time, what the motorbikes and riders looked like.

Can I put my garden waste in the woods ?

No, this is illegal and you could be fined. This type of rubbish causes problems for the woods. It upsets the natural balance of the woodland, introduces non native invasive species as well as additional nutrients, can smother important native species such as bluebells and encourages pests such as rats into the woods.

You can take garden waste to a recycling centre. The nearest is Mile Cross on Swanton Road. You can check what they accept here. You can also sign up for a garden waste collection from your house.

I‘d like to help conserve the woods, what can I do?

Come along to one of our conservation tasks or litter picks, everyone is welcome. We’re always keen to hear from people who might like to help with promoting the woods, organising tasks or have other ideas. Please do get in touch.

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